NDT or Inspection Qualification:

6 years experience in radiography film interpretation. Worked in SINGAPORE AND BRUNEI

Career-focused NDT Inspector who boasts strong attention to detail and is focused on ensuring
product integrity through nondestructive inspection and testing. Broad experience utilizing numerous NDT
methods including weld quality testing and applications in structural mechanics. Highly educated with a
Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as Level II PCN/ASNT NDT certification and
hundreds of hours of practical applications experience. And also experienced as QA/QC Welding/Painting
Inspector with certification from TWI Britain. Exhibits strong attention to detail in inspecting weld qualities.
 Strong computer and mathematics skills.
 Proficient in interpretation of engineering documents and drawings.
 Excellent written and oral communication skills.
 Experienced at testing welds at various stages to ensure they meet quality measures.
 Utilizes various NDT testing methods.
 Organized and analytically minded.
 Remarkable experience in testing welds and construction materials.
 Wide knowledge of the advanced principles of welding engineering.
 Deep knowledge of the welding procedures, qualification materials and its limitations.
 Ability to supervise and train the technicians in the process.
 Ability to perform checks on the process and ensure safety.
 Skilled to multitask and prioritize the work according to the deadline.
 Maintained equipment and materials with strict adherence to applicable reference standards and
 Supported Site Assembly with Eddy current testing and Penetrant testing requiring chemical etching
mostly on Titanium and Aluminum components.
 Performed Borescope inspections on various components such as engines on delivery aircraft.
 Test aircraft structures, engines and components for in-service and other defects.
 Evaluated structural integrity of aviation components to ensure safety in use and operation.
 Completed over 5800 on-the-job testing hours in FPI & Eddy Current NDT inspections.



RTFI - 2021