About NDT Inspect

NDT Inspect (Inspection Connection) has been created specifically for NDT and inspection professionals to connect together, share knowledge, support each other in non destructive testing and inspection industry in oil and gas, nuclear, manufacturing, aviation, chemical, and other sectors.

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What are Groups?

NDT and Inspection groups are separated in NDT and inspection methods.

All members can join any group (except private groups), post comments related to that method or topic, share photos and documents with other members of that group.

Each group also contains forum specific to that group where members can post questions, discussions and other.

Groups are separated as follows: NDT, sectors, visual inspection, pipeline, vessel inspection, vacuum testing, QA and QC, 3d and parametric modelling, codes and standards, rope access, coating inspection, welding, concrete testing, destructive testing and others.

Each group has subgroups. For example, NDT group contains all NDT methods as subgroups.

Pipeline group contains intelligent pigging, pipeline X ray inspection, automated pipeline inspection etc.

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What are Forums?

NDT and Inspection forums are separated in NDT and inspection methods.

Each group has its own forum (Discussion) section where members can create discussion, answer questions, give suggestions and get involved in different topics

All members can create own discussion/s.

The best way to get involved with NDT and inspection discussions is to find a group you are interested in, join this group and in group menu click on Discussions option.

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Documents and Photos

Each member can create own documents and photos folders. These folders or individual items can be shared in a groups or forums or between members.

Members have option to make folders or documents or photos private or public.

Public folders will be visable to all other members by visiting your profile.

Private folders are restriceted access and only member himself can accees information and documents in those folders.

Shared access can be given to connections (friends) groups or individuals that members choses.

Please note that members should not store large files and use documents for storage. If member abuses storage capacity, he/ she will be banned.


Members have option to create own friends circles with co-workers or colleagues and communicate, share files, photos, send group messages, write blogs, information, news and much more.


Respect each other at all times.Conduct yourself in a professional manner.No racist or hateful posts or comments.Sexual harassment (or any type of harassment) will not be tolerated.Politics is not welcome here.Do Not post ads in any groups or pages or forums. Do Not SPAM groups or pages or forums.Do Not insult other members.Do Not store anything illegal in documents, photos and other folders.Do Not share anything illegal.Do Not post anything illigal. Ask fully throughout questions to avoid confusion. Please report posts that you find an appropriate. Don’t post anything unrelated to inspection, NDT, welding and our industry in general. If any site rules are broken, member will be automaticaly banned from site access. 

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