table 7.9 of ASME VIII Div.2

  • table 7.9 of ASME VIII Div.2

    Posted by davide-gesuato on 12/02/2023 at 1:47 pm

    I’m having a discussion about the acceptability of indications by applying table 7.9 of ASME VIII Div.2.
    There are two different opinions. It is not clear whether, in the event that a subsurface defect has a height lower than the value in the table and a length greater than 6.4 mm, the imperfection is acceptable or not.
    In my opinion, to be unacceptable, both the height (a/t) and the length must exceed the values in the table and if it exceeds only the length, the limit is 4t.
    Thanks to anyone who can help me.

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  • Phased Array Ultrasonics (PAUT)


    12/02/2023 at 2:04 pm


    I have found this:

    you determine both your a/l and your a/t for a given thickness. This will likely require linear interpolation(s). You then compare your a/t% to your a/l for that thickness. If your a/t% falls below the allowable a/t% for that thickness, the flaw is allowable.

    General formula for interpolation:

    Hope it helps.

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