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NDT or Inspection Qualification:

NDT level-2

Mechanical Engineer with more than 3 years experiences as a engineer in Operations, Research & Development for Long range ultrasonic testing using A- SCAN methods & new product development in PAUT.


Detect Technologies

NDT technician - 01/08/2018-28-08-2021

Roles & Responsibilities:
Detect Technologies:
Department : Research & Development – Operations at Field

Research & Development :

Done the Nondestructive testing In A-scan method in long range ultrasonic in oil and gas pipeline.
Done the new product development phased array ultrasonic testing & magnetostriction method.
Done the New observation in R&D & main objective to learning the assigned task & deliver the results for it.

Done the welding inspection of vessels, pipelines, plates, corrosion & erosion mapping in bend areas in pipes.
Done the calibration in each experiment.
Experiments like Array probe, Directional testing Guided waves in pipe, making defects in pipe like notch, length defect, corroded pipes, concentrating on L-bend.
Testing in High temperature up to (100⁰C -300⁰C).
Using Ritec-4000 as Pulser (transmitter & receiver)- Frequency up to (30kHz to 80kHz) .
Oscilloscope to check the signal.
Finding the errors, trouble shooting , Debugging and technical errors and analyzing the signals during the experiment.
Finding & Resolving the attenuation in pipelines.

Operations at Field:

ASNT- NDT Level -2 (ultrasonic testing in pipe lines)
Guided Ultrasonic Monitoring Pipelines System- (Gumps Sensor)
Sensor Installation in Oil and gas field like BPCL, MRPL, HPCL, NAYARA ENERGY, Reliance PETROLEUM.
Installation in hazardous area.
Working on High temperature pipeline, temperature up to (100⁰C -300⁰C).
Pipeline Worked in (4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,36,48 inches).
Hands on Experience in Long range ultrasonic testing using magnetostriction method.
Debugging and Troubleshoot the problems in correct and manner way.
Document preparation, Material entry done in Field.
Working Under Six sigma- safety instruction.




B.E -mechnical engineer

Sns college of technology