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NDT or Inspection Qualification:

Radiographic Testing Including Interpretation
Ultrasonic Testing - Weld All Configuration
Magnetic Testing
Penetrant Testing
Radiation Protection Supervisor
Welding Inspector

March 11, 2022

The Hiring Committee



It is my privilege to submit my credentials for evaluation at your organization. I hope that you will find it informative and help you see where my abilities and experience could best be of benefit to your institution. I am applying for the position of Non – Destructive Testing  Technician (MULTI DISCIPLINE)  . I know this company is one of the best employer in the region and it is my desire to be a part of you.

I have an experience for 17 years . I believe I can still be the right person for the job because of my leadership traits, work ethic and industry transferrable skills that I have gained from my experience  in the Saudi Arabia (National Pipe Co.), Abu Dhabi  and Dubai (ADMA-OPCO, ZADCO, DUBAI PETROLEUM),  Qatar ( QATAR GAS, MAERKS QATAR PETROLEUM) , India (ONGC) and Georgia  (British Petrol), MC Dermott.



Bachelor degree in relevant discipline
I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering
Certified ASNT LEVEL II Multi Discipline Technician
I am a certified Ultrasonic technician (RP2X), Magnetic Particle Technician, Radiography Technician ( Including Interpretation) and Dye Penetrant Testing Technician in a product of Weldments, Casting and Forgings  by virtue of training, education, work experience and examination, satisfied the requirement established in the ASNT Level II  Recommended  Practice No. SNT-TC-1A (2011 Edition) here in UAE.
I am a certified Radiation Protection Supervisor by having satisfactorily demonstrated the Practical and Theoretical competence by examination here in UAE.
Experience & Skills:

Oct 2004  up to present  work as Multiple NDT Technicians
I have 4 years experienced in National Pipe Co Ltd. in Al Khobar Saudi Arabia as a Non Destructive Testing Technician from Oct. 2004 to Jul. 2008
I worked more than 13 years in Oceaneering Abu Dhabi as a Multi discipline Technician since Aug 2008 to January 31, 2022
Strong verbal and written communication skills
I have very strong communication skills.
Proficient in English (Written and Oral) with Bilingual is preferred
I am fluent in English and writing.
In my current role,  I focusing on Ultrasonic testing  in  corrosion  monitoring  and weld defect in all configuration of welding.

Dye penetrant testing , Magnetic particle testing and Radiography testing inspection of process pipework and process plant (Boilers, Vessels, etc.) trained in many courses of ndt technician and have practical field experience as well as I work closely with the platform , pipeline , hook up,  refinery on down stream and up stream , piping and jacket installation in  Saudi Arabia (National Pipe Co.) Abu Dhabi (ADMA –OPCO, ZADCO), India (Mumbai High) and Georgia (British Petrol) . I am highly confident I will be able to handle any challenges that may be given to me.

Should I be accepted to work your organization, I would be available to join immediately as I would need to inform my current department and endorse my responsibilities to another colleague. I see  this is a long term commitment  given the generous benefits and one which offers not only career growth but a chance to learn a lot of new things as well.  I am already familiar with the region’s culture and can speak the language well. I believe that integration should be easy in the event that I will be moving to your organization. I am mentally capable with a high learning curve and I should be able to adapt quickly to the change in environment. However, I am more than willing to undergo whatever training is necessary to bring me up to your standards should it be needed

In the event that the organization wishes to contact me, I can be reached at +971544442103. My email address is [email protected]


Oceaneering Ois

Multi Discipline Non-Destructive Testing Technician - July 2008 - January 2022

National Pipe Co. Ltd

Multi Discipline Non-Destructive Testing Technician - October 2004 - July 2008


Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Polytechnic University of the Philippines
March, 1987 - March, 1992