Martyn ******

NDT or Inspection Qualification:

PCN Level 2 UT inspection plate and pipe welds (3.1 & 3.2)
PCN Level 2 Single frequency Eddy Current Testing of Welds
PCN Level 2 PAUT encoded weld inspection

I am an engineer currently working as a senior project leader in advanced non-destructive testing for TWI Ltd, at the Technology Centre Wales office. For over six years I have been gaining experience in a variety of NDT techniques such as phased array ultrasonic testing, eddy-current and thermography inspection, for the assessment of materials and components.


I hold PCN Level 2 qualifications in ultrasonic welds (plate and pipe), phased array ultrasonic testing (encoded welds), and eddy current (single frequency) testing. I have sufficient experience/hours to achieve a Level 3 qualification in ultrasonic testing. I have some knowledge of other NDT techniques such as radiography, penetrant and magnetic particle testing.


I have worked on several on-going research projects that have been developing automated NDT inspections of complex shaped components, predominantly for the aerospace industry but also for the marine, defence, and nuclear industries. I have also worked on developing automated scans for composite fan cases, and composite blades. It is through these projects, and some smaller member client projects, that I have gained experience in the operation and programming of two KRC4 KUKA robotic arms.


Project work at TWI has also involved applications whereby NDT methods were applied in accordance with client procedures and standards. But has also included developing new inspection procedures, including the designing of tests and reference samples to meet client and industry standards. Work has included preparing inspections reports, presentations for clients (technical and non-technical), writing procedures and documentation, as well as project management. Projects have included, but are not limited to, armoured vehicles, aerospace components and pipework.


Prior to starting at TWI, I was a post-graduate research student at the University of Nottingham where I studied the material characterisation of metallic foams, in conjunction with Rolls Royce, for use as a compressor seal, for which I was awarded an MPhil. During my research I performed tensile and compression testing, as well as analysis of the material using digital microscopes and scanning electron microscopy, with some additional work using energy dispersive x-ray and atomic emission spectroscopy


I hold a 2.1 MEng degree in mechanical design, materials and manufacture (also from the University of Nottingham), which focused on materials engineering but due to its broad base allowed me to study mechanical, manufacturing and design engineering modules.


Although I have enjoyed my time working at TWI, gaining experience and knowledge of NDT techniques, I am now looking for a change and a new challenge. I wish to develop my technical knowledge, skills, and practical understanding to achieve Level 3 qualifications, and further professional development, in the hopes of achieving my goal of earning CEng status. I would especially welcome the opportunities to develop qualifications in additional NDT techniques.


I hope that you will consider my application and look forward to hearing from you.





Yours Sincerely,


Martyn Lindop




Senior Project Leader - Advanced NDT - 2016 - Present

Continued work developing non-destructive testing techniques for clients and collaborative projects, utilising robotic arms for advanced automated inspection. Managing of projects including on-site inspection work involving a team of inspectors.


Project Leader - Advanced NDT - 2013 - 2016

Developing and applying non-destructive testing techniques such as ultrasonic and eddy current testing, as part of single client and collaborative projects.


MPhil Materials Engineering and Materials Design, 2.1 MEng Mechanical Design, Materials and Manufacturing

University of Nottingham
2004 -2011


  • Experience in the use of Pulse Thermography
  • Knowledge and application experience of Full Matrix Capture