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An accomplished asset integrity inspection professional with 12.3 years’ experience in Oil & Gas upstream and downstream projects having expertise in Quality assurance, visual, repair & alternation, welding, NDT & painting inspection of piping, tanks, pressure vessel, columns, exchanger, and components. Expertise in effective time management and prioritization abilities with a track record of excellence in planning, performance, and execution, time-leading projects, developing procedures & processes, service standards, improving techniques & implementing various systems within the organization. Ability to develop a working familiarity with the clients, programs, activities, and/or functions identified for inspection. Assuring the inspection work collectively possesses adequate professional competency for the tasks required.



B.E–Mechanical Engineering | Jeppiaar Engineering College, Anna University, Chennai | AUG 2005 – APR 2009.



ASME Level 1 Plant Inspector, by ASME Plant Inspector Certificate Programme, US.

API 653 – Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector (Cert#: 62975, 31 Jan 2016-2025)

API 570 – Piping Inspector (Cert#: 69298, 30 Nov 2016-2022)

API 510 – Pressure Vessel Inspector (Cert#: 102584, 11 Nov 2021-2024)

API SIFE – Source Inspector Fixed Equipment (Cert#: 54552, 31 Oct 2014-2023)

CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector (Cert#: 81959/2, 25 Jul 2014-2023), TWI – UK

PCN NDT Level 2 Ultrasonic Testing (3.1 & 3.2) (PCN #: 345578, 05 Mar 2021-2026) BINDT – UK

PCN NDT Level 2 Radiographic Interpreter (Dense), (PCN #: 345578, 25 Feb 2021-2026) BINDT– UK

ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor Training Completed.

Certified for NDT ASNT Level II as per SNT-TC-1A-2011 – UT, RT, MT, PT, and VT

Offshore Safety training – OPTIO, UK approved T-BOSIET training



§  Int., Ext., On-Stream Inspection

§  Plant Asset Integrity Inspection

§  Mechanical & Pressure Equipment Inspection Management

§  Welding & Coating Inspection

§  Pipeline inspection & Repair

§  Pressure Vessel, Piping – Repair

§  Tank inspection – Repair

§  API 579/ASME FFS-1 Sec 3, 4

§  Strategic Planning & Execution

§  Inspection Worksheet (IWS)

§  Root Cause Analysis

§  Corrosion Rates Calculation

§  Remaining life Calculations

§  Reporting & Mitigation Action

§  PRV, Valve Testing – Leak, Hydro

§  NDT Testing (MFL, UT, VBT)

§  Leak Test, RTFI, SRUT, RMS

§  Flange Management

§  Mechanical Component Insp.



API Inspector | Probus Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd, Abu Dhabi, UAE | JUN 2021 – Till Date.


Client                   : ADNOC Refining, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Software Used     : Meridium Asset Performance Management (IMS)

Service                : Gas Oil, Gasoline 95, Kerosene, Jet A1, JP8, Fire Water, Effluent Water Storage Tank

Roles & Responsibilities:

1.    Create Equipment Strategies for Pressure Equipment, Prepare Piping Circuitization, storage tank Inspection plan development, create and analysis of Visual Inspection report, risk-based interval optimization

2.    To manage, interpret, and integrate inspection and function test data associated with pressure relief devices

3.    Collection and managing the database of inspection/test records

4.    Thickness monitoring program for Pressure equipment and piping.

5.    Pressure Relief Device (PRD) Inspection Report review/approval and recommendation

6.    Compliance check on inspection reports in accordance with the scope and approve and/or send for re-review

7.    Database management using Meridium, SAP and other Document Control Databases


Key Accountabilities:

v  Quality Assurance Systems:

·         Documenting of inspection and QA procedures.

·         Documenting and reporting inspection and test results

·         Developing and documenting inspection plans.

·         Establishing and documenting the appropriate inspection intervals.

·         Corrective action for inspection and test results.

·         Review and approval of drawings, design calculations, engineering assessments, and specifications for repairs, alterations, and re-ratings.

·         Training requirements for inspection personnel regarding inspection tools, techniques, and technical knowledge base.

·         Controls necessary to qualified welders and procedures are used for all repairs and alterations.

·         Controls necessary for repairs and alterations are performed in accordance with inspection code (API 510/570/653, ASME PCC-2, ASME Sec VIII, etc.) and applicable specifications.

·         Controls necessary inspection measurement, NDE, and testing equipment are properly maintained and calibrated.

·         Internal auditing requirements for the QC system for pressure-relieving devices.

·         NDE results shall be evaluated and accepted shall make appropriate recommendations for repairs, replacements, or fitness for continued service.

·         Reference of international codes ASME Sec II, V, IX, VIII & API 510,570,653, & EMMUA 159.

·         Shall monitor the integrity of temporary repair until permanent repairs are complete as per ASME PCC-2 for welded leak box and mechanical clamp repairs.

v  Records Review:

·         Review prior inspection results, prior repairs, current inspection plan, as well as any engineering evaluations, and/or other similar service inspections

·         Inspection techniques for each of the potential damage mechanisms that exist for equipment like vessel, tank, columns, heat exchanger, towers should be part of the inspection plans.

v  Safety

·         Before applying inspection, testing, pressure test, appropriate precautions and procedures shall be taken to assure the safety of personnel involved.


API Inspector | GULF OIL AND GAS LLC, ABU DHABI, UAE | FEB 2018 – Nov 2020.

Client         : Abu Dhabi Oil Company (Japan) Limited, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Project      : Inspection, Testing, Repair works in Crude Oil Tank (04 no’s) at Mubarraz Island, UAE


Client         : ADNOC Refining (TAKREER), Pipeline & Terminal – SCD, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project      : Inspection, Testing, Repair, Painting in Tank (02 no’s) at Terminal & Storage, ADNOC Refining, UAE


Service      : Crude Oil, Heavy fuel Oil, Jet A1, ULG, Gas Oil, Gasoline.


Key Accountabilities:

·         To conduct Visual inspection, CUI & Fabric Maintenance, witness of Non-Destructive Inspections to ensuring contractors understand their work scopes, associated risks and that the work is completed safe and reported as per procedures.

·         To assure that the inspection, NDE, repairs, and pressure testing activities meet code requirements

·         To evaluate NDE results and make appropriate recommendations for repairs, replacements, or fitness for continued service.

·         Reporting all anomalies to appropriate personnel and risk assess with recommendation for repair, alteration or replacement.

·         Co-ordination and supervision of all inspection activities and on-board NDT technicians whilst carrying out planned (monthly) and unplanned inspections

·         Documenting of inspection and QA procedures.

·         To approve all specified repair and alteration work at designated hold points and after completion of the work in accordance with the repair plan.



Client         : Sabic Terminal Services, Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Project      : Mechanical Integrity Project – Corridor Pipeline & Storage Tank

Position     : API Inspector


Project      : Turnaround Shutdown Projects – 2016 & 2017.

Client         : Sabic subsidiaries–Petrokemya, Ibn Zahr, IBN Sina – Jubail, Saudi Arabia


Client         : Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Project      : Rehabilitation of Heavy Fuel Storage Tank

Position     : API Inspector


Client         : Jubail Gas Plant, Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Project      : Plant Critical Pipeline Inspection

Position     : API Inspector


Client         : Jubail Fertilizer Company (Al-Bayroni), Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Project      : Inspection of Ammonia Storage Tank

Position     : API Inspector


Software Used       : Meridium Asset Performance Management (IMS)

Service                  : Ammonia, Benzene, methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE), Polyethylene, Polypropylene


Key Accountabilities:

·         Examine and assess the condition of Plant equipment at the required frequency, in accordance with the Company’s code of plant inspection, and compile written reports on finding and recommendations.

·         Stipulate recommend required repairs or replacements to defective plant equipment and carry out further inspections after repair work to ensure conformity to approved standards and codes.

·         To ensure that safe operating and maintenance procedures related to inspection activities are followed, and counsel teams about compliance with safe working procedures as necessary.

·         Conducted SAP inspection task/notification, monitoring and ensuring all the PM & CM activities are completed as per inspection priority in time

·         Monitor the inspection Programme, in consultation with the Inspection Coordinator and ensure that all inspection activities are carried out on schedule

·         Update inspection database and maintenance management systems with inspection activities.

·         External inspection on insulation through visual/NDE for reducing/eliminating corrosion under insulation (CUI) on process piping & above ground storage tanks

·         Prepared inspection reports and compiled follow-up actions to support its actions.

·         To support the inspectors with the evaluation of inspection results to determine the remaining life, next inspection date, and the development of inspection reports



Client         : Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, Chennai.

Project      : Vessel Support Structure Fabrication & Installation


Key Accountabilities:

·         Oversee, direct, and document procedure qualification testing and welder qualification testing while inspecting tanks and piping equipment in accordance with purchase order requirements, technical documents, and applicable international standards.

·         Monitor raw material, welding consumables, and storing procedures. Review test reports and finalize material test certifications.




JOB SPECIFIC ACCOUNTABILITIES – Storage Tank Inspection Activities

§  Visual inspection (API 653 Annex C) of complete shell, roof, bottom external and internal, roof rafters, roof supporting columns, primary and secondary roof seal and its accessories, floating deck leg supports, structural and gratings, external sprinkler lines and foam piping’s, internal inspection of pontoons for external floating roof tanks and miscellaneous items of the tank for checking corrosion, erosion, pitting, dents, rusting and paint damages.

§  Visual inspection of complete internal of tank after thorough cleaning of the tank by hydro jetting or sweep blasting if required for removing the scales, sludge, deposits, oils, grease etc.

§  Checking the calibration of MFL machine as per the MFL procedure and ensuring its adequacy to find various thickness losses, difference between external, and soil side corrosion

§  Cross verification of MFL readings by parallel UT scanning of bottom plate. Monitoring of complete UT scanning of inaccessible areas of MFL like area of bottom plate near by the shell internal edge, 50 adjacent on both sides of welding joints, areas near by the supports and roof columns, bottom plate under the piping’s & sump etc.

§  Deciding the area for repair/replacement required in shell, bottom, roof and other areas of the tank based on visual inspection and NDT examinations depending on location and nature of defects, inspection history, corrosion rate, reasons for failure as per the API 650/ 653 and the client scope.

§  Witnessing the replacement (material inspection, erection of the roof seal and its accessories) of the complete roof seal system (primary and secondary seal) of the floating roof tanks as per API 650/ 653.

§  Witnessing the replacement of complete roof drain system, by checking the various stages like material inspection, welding and NDT inspections, hydro testing of the complete line and painting inspection.

§  Witnessing the NDT inspections like PT, MT, PWHT, vacuum box, hydro test & diesel chalk examinations done on various parts of the tank during the repair/replacement work as per API 650/653 and the client scope.

§  Witnessing the verticality and roundness check, settlement survey of the tank during hydro test using the total station-Surveying (Surveying instrument)

§  Final walk down in the tank to ensure the completion of all the activities and giving clearance to box up the tank

TANK Modification and Construction Inspection:

§  Review of Tank drawing and associated Piping drawing for current revision in place, Interpretation of weld drawing for current weld symbols and sizes, partial full penetration welds and correct electrodes as per selected material to full fill the requirement of engineering.

§  Inspection and verification of foundation before laying the Annular/bottom plates.

§  Fit up Inspection of each Shell plate and Bottom & Top deck floating roof plate.

§  Inspection of Peaking, Banding, Plumpness and Roundness after welding of each shell of Tanks.

§  Verification of Shell and Roof Nozzle Orientation and Installation of Tank equipment’s internally and externally such as Level gauge, Breather valve, Foam seal etc.

§  Inspection of all welding activities prior, during and after, which include material check, qualifications, and welding equipment etc.

§  Pre weld requirements, welding parameters, consumables, preparation of joint and final weld Inspection, NDT, PWHT requirements, traceability, and documentation system.

§  Close monitoring the welder performance, repair of welds, initiate preventive, and corrective actions.

§  Review the results of production test Plates in respect to weld parameters, heat input pass thickness, depth of back gouge, no of passes, electrode sizes and mechanical test results to ensure that meets the requirement of project specification.

§  Verify the daily records of welding consumables usage report of sub-contractor’s latest status on weekly basis.

§  Interpretation of radiographs as per ASME SEC IX, SEC VIII, ASME B31.3, API 650 & API 620.

§  Review of test packages of Tanks and associated Pipeline as per system limits, coordination to incorporate the project procedures.

§  Release of completed Pipeline and tank for hydro and pneumatic test after checking required completion.

§  Verification of settlement during water filling and Hydro testing of tank.


Piping and Valve Inspection

§  Carrying out external inspection of piping for corrosion, leaks, previous temporary repairs, clamps, coating failure, insulation damage, vibration misalignment, and pipe support deterioration specifically in touch points and to air to soil interface, pipe hanger distortion, or breakage.

§  Identifying areas of special concern and deterioration (e.g., dead legs, injection points, buried piping, corrosion under insulation (CUI), erosion & corrosion/erosion), preparation of inspection procedures to follow-up their resolution to improve Plant integrity.

§  Selection of an appropriate inspection/NDT techniques as per codes/standards and specification.

§  Inspection Records & Reporting to the integrity engineer before carrying out recommendation & Updates Corrosion Data Storage and Management

§  Review internal corrosion data and rates and formulate a flow line monitoring frequency to safeguard piping integrity as well as opened flanges for deposition, localized corrosion, etc.

§  Witnessing and monitoring the pipe bending for C.S and S.S materials, dimensions, thickness using UT thickness measurement gauge and witnessing the DPT over the bends.

§  Incoming material inspections such as plate, pipe, flanges, fittings and structural materials, prefabricated materials, welding consumables, paint materials and abrasives and review of material certificates/batch certificates to check compliance with project specifications and meeting the required mechanical/physical /chemical composition values.

§  Flange joint inspection for distortion and leakage and flange face inspection and gasket for corrosion, erosion, and mechanical damage.

§  Witnessing the high pressure & low-pressure pneumatic testing and hydro testing of the gate, globe, and butterfly valves as per API 598


Pressure Vessel Inspection Activities

§  Static Equipment visual (external & Internal) Inspection of column, Heat Exchangers, Fin fan Coolers, Boilers, Heaters, Furnace, Filters, Drums, (pre-cleaning, post cleaning & final Inspection). Includes noting observations on cracks, pits, thinning and any other pattern of erosion, corrosion and other interior failure. Makes interpretations of findings, analyses for failure, prepares report and issues recommendation to Inspection Supervisor.

§  Coordinates with the Operations Planning and Maintenance supervisors such activities as the scheduling and planning of inspections, obtaining the requisite permits and performing any required special audit of equipment.

§  Evaluate corrosion rate and remaining life for equipment with the help of suitable thickness measurements survey.

§  Review and witnessing test like Hydro test, Pneumatic test, Hardest Test and Blue matching to ensure the integrity of equipment.

§  Preparing and maintaining of Equipment History file (External, Pre-cleaning, Internal, Post cleaning, Final inspection & Box up Reports)

§  Preparing the inspection reports which show external and internal observations as opened condition, after cleaning inspection, final inspection and NDT and Comparison with last inspection summary and recommendation.

§  To verify that the new materials used during the replace or repair.

§  Review of Inspection plan and accepted it by doing recommendation according to the API standards (RP571, RP572, RP576, RP577).

§  Carrying out an “as found” visual inspection prior to and after cleaning of Channel ID – CRA cladded surface, Nozzles ID, Visible Tubes ID / Tube sheet, Pass Partition Plate, all attachment welds, Gasket seating faces, Sample collection if required.

§  Inspection of longitudinal and circumferential weld joints, inlet and outlet nozzles, reinforcement pads, lifting lug of channel head and small-bore connections for any crack, corrosion, mechanical damage, and deformation.

§  Carries out NDT tests on static equipment and piping. Tests include penetrate examination (PT), Magnetic particle inspection (MPT), Ultrasonic Thickness gauge (UTG). Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) Positive Material Identification (PMI) and Dry Film Thickness (DFT) of coating inspection.

§  Interpretation of Small-Bore Piping’s Profile radiographs and review of NDT reports.

§  Checks condition of safety relief valves, reports findings to supervisor. Witness pressure setting before and after repair and during any re-calibration campaign, as assigned. Prepares report, schedules testing frequency as per policy, and enters inspection data.

§  Witnessing pigging operations for Sulphur pipelines.


Welding and Painting Inspection Activities – Construction & Maintenance

§  Material receiving inspection of Structural, piping and Equipment’s Filler wires and consumables storage preservation & protection as per procedure and specification

§  Conducting qualification of welders and maintaining their continuity records. Approval of all Quality Control Procedures/Plans for Fabrication activities

§  Stage wise Inspection as per QC plan of fabrication like Material Identification, Maintaining Material trace ability, welder Qualification, Dimensional Checks, fit up/Tolerance Checks and all other activities painting concerning the Quality Control.

§  Reviewing PQR, WPS and welder qualification records as per code requirement and client specification

§  Review & Approval of Quality Assurance Plan (QAP), method statements, ITP & Weld Plan /NDT Plan and preparation of Progress Report on monthly basis.

§  Preparation of Weld map and maintaining traceability of weld seams with proper inspection reports.

§  NDT Coordination & review testing (RTFI, UT, MPI, DPI) reports and explore result with Clients, consultants, sub-contractor’s vendors/vendor representatives and Inter-departmental coordination for further action.

§  Compiling QC Dossier and verification of the same prior to approval by client

§  Inspection of paint materials and abrasives as per the manufacturer data sheets and monitoring the storage of paint materials in a proper condition

§  Measuring the steel temperature using magnetic thermometer

§  Monitoring of blasting activities & measuring the surface profile using tested tape and dial micrometer

§  Carrying out the bristle sample patch test for checking chloride level before starting the painting

§  Monitoring the painting activity stage by stage for proper interval, proper application, and technique

§  Measuring the wet film thickness using comb gauge and dry film thickness using DFT gauges like magnetic gauge and banana gauge

§  Holiday testing of coatings and linings. Ensuring paint adhesion by cross hatch cutter test and dolly pull off test.


Date of Birth                : 20 May 1988

Languages Known        : Tamil, English & Hindi.

Nationality                    : Indian

Passport No                  : R7232567

Expiry Date                  : 16 Jan 2028

Vaccine                        : Sinopharm (2 dose completed) & Pfizer (2 Dose Completed)

Driving License             : Abu Dhabi, UAE & India



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Ø  Benefits of 3D Modeling of VT Measurement Course




Ø  MFL of Storage Tank Course



Name               : Mr. Aftab Fakhruddin Khan

Position            : Senior Engineer – Inspection

Company          : ADNOC Refining

E-mail               : [email protected]

Phone              : (+971) 2 60 16728 / Ext. 616728


Name               : Mr. Mohamed Sanad,

Position            : Engineer – Inspection

Company          : ADNOC Refining

E-mail               :  [email protected]

Phone              : (+971) 2 60 16728 / Ext. 616540


Probus Engineering

API Inspector - 2021


Mechanical Engineering

Anna University


  • In-Service Inspection - Tank
  • Piping
  • Pressure Vessel