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    28/11/2021 at 1:39 pm
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    As we can see there has been no response on this subject, in particular there has been not references forwarded regarding techniques using amplitude that can size a near surface defect accurately to within 0.3mm every time regardless of varying pipe wall thicknesses, defect orientation and slight changes in band position. However there is an AUT company (and consultant) at present that is boasting this sizing accuracy anyway, their sales personnel are passing this info on to their perspective clients. Now considering recent events involving said AUT Company and AUT Consultant I find it strange that they would continue to boast something they can not achieve. If I am wrong about what I have written please correct me.
    For the moment I believe the average sizing error for ANY system out there is +/- 1mm using amplitude sizing, again if I am wrong PLEASE correct me. We all know that amplitude sizing policies (not techniques) are a guess at best, why do we continue to allow information to be passed around that we know to be incorrect, fiction if told often enough will become the truth.