Reply To: MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage) is it an ET, MT or a method alone?

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    28/11/2021 at 3:18 pm
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    I have just gone through such a debate. My orginal rationale indicated that MFL was a branch of MPI. This method looked almost the same as MPI with the particles being replaced by sensors.
    Looking at it from the sensors however, the technology looks similar to ECT.
    We had the same problem with the Barkhausen effect.
    When used with magnetic sensors the magnetic Barkhausen effect is lumped with MT (or should it be ET because of the sensors??).
    When used with acoustic sensors the “elastic waves” are monitored so is it an acoustic method (UT)??
    It would seem to be a debate based on on if we categorise by transmit or receive.
    MFL and MT use similar methods of inducing a field but ET and MFL use similar detectors (when using coils).
    Is there an existing agreement on how this is to be handled or will we continue to have different groups grouping in different ways?