Reply To: 27 years old 60″ water pipeline

  • Pipeline Inspection

    Mark Martinez

    25/09/2022 at 7:14 pm

    Hi Bro,

    Long Range Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing is a cost-effective powerful screening tool for inspection of
    long lengths of pipe from single Inspection location. The screening identifies the areas of corrosion or
    erosion that may further subjected to more detailed inspections using other NDT Techniques.

    LRUT can be performed on pipes that are in-service, insulated and buried and in hard to access areas such
    as pipelines at high elevations. By utilizing the LRUT, resources and time required on excavation,
    insulation removal and scaffolding for conventional testing can be avoided.

    * Used to screen in-service pipes and pipeline over long distances

    * Inspect pipes with limited access from a single position

    * Pinpoint locations requiring further inspection

    Hope it helps!