Reply To: How can I study PCN UT Level.3?

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    28/11/2021 at 4:05 pm
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    I think if you are unable to find this information then you are not going to be able to function as a Level 3 PCN.

    In my experience of Level 3 it is also a big part of finding the relevant information in codes and standards from research if it is something out of the ordinary.

    If you do intend to study it then make sure it is for the correct reasons and that you satisfy the docs from PCN which you should start from PCN/GEN. I once heard about a guy at a test centre who sat his exam and the examiner refused to mark it as he is nowhere near the Level 3 standard despite being ticking the boxes. He is not a level 3.

    I would recommend that you do not do it. Just an opinion.