27 years old 60″ water pipeline

  • 27 years old 60″ water pipeline

    Posted by william on 28/11/2021 at 7:06 pm

    Dear All,

    I was asked by a client to look at a burried 60″ pipeline carrying water for the last 25 years over a distance of 450 km and come up with an appropriate inspection technique.
    this pipeline has the following:
    – 60″ diameter of Carbon Steel Internally Cement Coated
    – Pipe Thickness = 14.27mm (average)
    – Twin Pipes- A,B.
    – Steel Grade = X60 & X52

    About 50 bars on discharge of each station

    About 12,000 cubic meter per hour

    SIX Pupming Stations on each line

    – These are buried pipelines with Cathodic Protection system installed.
    – Water is flowing through these lines for the last 25 years.
    – Cement mortar is dropped through out the pipeline, restricting the flow now.
    – Every hundred or hundred fifty meters there is an expected heap of cement debris lying in the pipelines covering at 6 O’Clock position, about quarter to one third of the pipe diameter.
    1-To study the metal thickness loss of 60” diameter pipelines without exposing the buried pipelines.
    2-To find out a good technology that can discover the locations where cement mortar lining is dropped.
    3-To study the possibility of internal cleaning , the dropped cement mortar lining

    Your feedback is very much appreciated.

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