ZY-10 Micro Video Control Pipeline Crawler

  • ZY-10 Micro Video Control Pipeline Crawler

    Posted by luna on 13/10/2021 at 8:25 pm

    ZY-10 Micro-Wave Video X Ray Pipeline Crawler is used for check pipeline welding joint through micro-video system work with DC x ray unit which powered by battery pack on the pipeline crawler. Pipeline Crawler running in a wall or pipeline; detect internal defects and flaws through radiography technology, move steadily inside the pipe with speed of up to 18m/min and distance up to 5 kilometers .


    1. Absolute Guarantee Operator Safety

    ● Positioning by wireless microwave video instead of original isotope positioning.

    ● The generator voltage can be adjusted according to different conditions, in order to meet the testing needs.

    2. Available for Different Diameter Pipeline

    ● Applying different pipeline diameters; forward speed 18m/min.

    3. Accurate Positioning

    ● Adopts advanced PLC control system to achieve more precise positioning.

    ● Real-time continuous show the pipe inner situation.e.g.: NDT Equipment fault, battery State LOW, over tempered inner pipeline, distance to the pipe mouth.

    4. Reliable Energy Supply

    ● Electronic speed control motor function, to achieve constant torque, constant current operation.

    ● Automatic inspect the energy .

    5. Ensure the Film Density

    ● X Ray Unit has regulatory function of KV with large diameter and thick walled tube has the regulatory function. Tran-illumination to ensure the X-ray film and degree of consensus.

    6. Full Set Security Protection

    ● Real-time function to protect the x ray unit from meeting water, over voltage, over current, x ray unit falling off, over temperature.

    ● Automatic stop function, with no need of Real -time monitoring.

    ● High quality sealed lead acid battery for prevent.

    ● Inspect the energy automatically, crawler will turn back in time when energy is lacking, so that to prevent losing the crawler in the pipeline.

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