Opportunities Kazakhstan’s electricity sector

  • Opportunities Kazakhstan’s electricity sector

    Posted by jackson on 14/10/2021 at 11:45 pm

    Kazakhstan’s electricity sector, both its generating and transmitting infrastructure, suffers from a high degree of physical depreciation. A senior official at the Kazakhstan Electric Grid Operating Company (KEGOC) recently complained that the majority of the firm’s 25,000 kilometers of power transmission lines were built in the Soviet era. He noted that KEGOC is conducting an assessment to identify “vulnerable” transmission lines that need to be modernized, and he claimed that KEGOC will implement 15 projects valued at USD3 billion to modernize or construct new power transmission lines and substations by 2025. Meanwhile, the Chairman of Kazakhstan’s national electricity generator Samruk- Energo has stated that Kazakhstan plans to install 14 GW of new power generating capacity by 2030, and Kazakhstani Government plans that investments in the power sector should reach USD63 billion over the next 18 years, including USD37 billion in power generation, USD9 billion in power distribution networks, and USD17 billion in regional power distribution organizations.

    The condition of power generation infrastructure is weakest in Kazakhstan’s villages and small towns. According to experts it is necessary to build roughly 112.6 thousand km 110 kV and below lines, 614 distribution substations of 110 kV and 35 kV with total capacity of 4.13 million kW, and 23 700 consumer substations with total capacity of more than 4.3 million kW. In general, investment in Kazakhstani power grid construction estimated at a minimum of 4.5 billion U.S. dollars.

    Although Kazakhstan has significant hydrocarbon resources concentrated in the west, this region still imports electric energy from neighboring Russia. In this connection, local authorities and oil companies are seeking to create their own power supplies. The primary focus is on the construction of a gas-turbine power station (GTPS) that will utilize local gas. The most significant projects in this area will be: construction of gas- turbine installations (GTI) with 48 MW capacity at the Aktobemunaygas industrial complex; the start of the Tengizchevroil Ltd gas-turbine power station with 144 MW capacity, completely covering the needs of the Tengiz oil-and-gas complex; and the construction of a 200 MW GTI at the Kumkol (Kzylorda area) developed by Petro Kazakhstan

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