Advantages vs. Disadvantages of Infrared thermography

  • Advantages vs. Disadvantages of Infrared thermography

    Posted by jackson on 15/10/2021 at 12:25 am

    Advantages vs. Disadvantages of Infrared thermography
    Advantages of using infrared thermography in preventive maintenance include:
    • Requires no contact with components or machines
    • Real-time output
    • Can obtain data on large surface areas at one time
    • Easy-to-read visual images
    • Data can be uploaded to software for further analysis
    • Infrared cameras offer great mobility
    • No downtime or production interruptions for testing
    While there are many advantages to using infrared thermography, it’s always a good idea to be aware of some of the disadvantages:
    • Infrared equipment is fairly expensive. You should consider the cost of the time and labor involved, as well as the savings you will receive with early detection warnings from infrared technology.
    • Infrared technology can’t detect temperature if a component is separated by a non-transparent material such as a glass cover. When viewed with an infrared imager, glass appears in a non-transparent way.
    • Infrared data requires significant expertise and an extensive knowledge base to evaluate imaging results

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