Free UT online course

  • Free UT online course

    Posted by benbihi on 16/07/2022 at 4:19 pm

    This course teaches you how to perform ultrasonic inspection from beginning to end.

    The course provides you with Level 1 training in the fundamentals of Ultrasonic Testing methods. It will introduce you to the basic concepts and principles and includes hands-on training using Ultrasonic Testing equipment settings and functions.

    The Ultrasonic theories presented will provide the knowledge of Ultrasonic Testing required and enable you to work with individuals qualified and certified to gain needed experience for qualification as Level 1. While the practical manipulations will give you the essential steps that you will need to calibrate the ultrasonic testing equipment, perform the inspection, and collect and interpret the data.

    #Ultrasonic_Testing Level 1 Training ( Was $19.99 now FREE )

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