why and where RVI equipment is used?

  • why and where RVI equipment is used?

    Posted by arsal on 13/10/2021 at 12:05 pm

    • Checking new piping installations prior to commissioning

    • Helps avoid costly shut-downs

    • Enables planned, preventative maintenance

    • Ensures the ongoing health and safety of plant and machinery

    • Locates flaws, defects, faults or deformations in enclosed, inaccessible parts like turbines and combustion chambers.

    Many RVI instruments have complex optical and digital imaging equipment and advanced illumination fitted into their compact tips which enable the production of high-resolution images which are brilliantly clear and true-to-life. And although highly specialised and complex, these devices are tough, durable and surprisingly easy-to-use.

    From plumbers to municipal sewer inspectors, aircraft maintenance personnel to chemical plant operators, mining companies to the construction industry – the scope and variety of users of RVI equipment is enormous and there’s no doubt that with the ability to remotely inspect deep, dark, hostile and inaccessible places, the world is a safer place for everyone.

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