Visual inspection can be done at three stages;

  • Visual inspection can be done at three stages;

    Posted by thomas on 14/10/2021 at 7:14 pm

     Before welding,
     During welding and
     After welding
    Before Welding: The inspector shall be familiarized with the applicable codes and standards/drawings/welding procedures (WPS and PQR). Welder qualification shall be carried out before production welding. The inspector shall confirm the material and review the MTC. Welding consumables shall also be inspected before welding. Joint preparation and alignment shall also to be checked prior to welding. After confirmation of all the parameters (as mentioned above), the welding inspector can permit the welder to start the production welding. If preheat is applicable, then the preheat temperature shall be confirmed before starting the weld. improper groove face and root gap, a welding inspector must see the groove preparation and root gap before welding)
    During Welding: The inspector shall check the welding process and welding parameters with respect to the welding procedure specification (WPS) at any time during welding. Root run and root run dressing, interpass temperature shall be witnessed by the inspector. The welding consumables shall also be checked during welding.
    After welding: After complete welding, identification number is punched near joint. Complete visual inspection is done and any surface breaking or defect shall be repaired as per approved procedure. Following defects (or discontinuity) can be revealed by visual inspection:
     Crack
     Underfill
     Undercut
     Surface porosity
     Overlap
     Lack of side wall fusion
     Arc strike
     Spatters
     Excessive Penetration
     Unacceptable weld profiles

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