Different Techniques can be used with PAUT system

  • Different Techniques can be used with PAUT system

    Posted by thomas on 14/10/2021 at 6:02 pm

    Total Focusing Method (TFM)
    This method involves the application of the basic phased array focusing principle at a defined region of interest. The inspection region is segmented into a grid of positions, or pixels, with beamforming applied to each pixel in the grid.
    Electronic Scanning
    Electronic scanning reproduces the inspection performed by manually moving a standard UT probe. An ultrasonic beam is electronically translated across the entire probe, allowing for faster inspection while limiting mechanical displacement. The technique can be performed with an S or and L wave and can be combined with beam focusing and beam steering.
    Sector Scanning
    Sector scanning uses electronic delay laws to electronically change ultrasonic beam angles in a defined sector. This means that only one transducer is needed to inspect components under different angles and is also much faster than standard angled beam UT, displaying cross sections of the specimen in real time and allowing for easier interpretation. This technique can be combined with electronic focusing and used for L- and S-waves.

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